Withdrawal of the aluminum nor processing of aluminum. Please leave Save of aluminum pipe.

Hard anodizing

Hard anodizing

Hard anodizing

Hard coating can be done to drawn 2000 and 7000 series, di-casting (ADC12), and casting, which has been difficult to perform traditionally.


・Drawn materials (except for 2000 and 7000 series)
A stable film hardness of about Hv400 is sustained.

2000 and 7000 series drawn materials, die-casting, and casting.
A film hardness of about Hv300 is possible, and we have achieved this on many occasions.

Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, voltage resistance, and volume resistance.

Wear rate
Corrosion resistance
Voltage resistance
Volume resistance
99.99%Al 52.5 0.0037 8.0-3 0.6~0.8 20.4×1010
A5052 52.8 0.0040 9.8-3 1.0~1.5 1.01×1010
A6063 52.3 0.0042 9.0-2 1.4~1.7 1.72×1010

※1: Surface abrasion test is used to measure the wear amount (1500 times with 400g weight) and the weight loss each time is calculated.

High-precision film thickness management

High-precision film thickness management can take place.
In addition, the optimal electrolysis conditions are determined in preliminary experiments in the prototype tank. That allows us to supply the products and quality our customers require.

Regular thickness

Our standard film thickness is between 20μm and 50μm, however it is also possible to thicken the film upon request.

Example of use

Automobile parts, precision machine parts, irregular-shaped cylinders and piston heads for compressors, farm equipment, belt pulleys, and magazines.